Memorabilia No. XX5: MBL Flea III

It was with a heritage pride that we installed the third flea market of Made By Legacy. The event took place on 21-22 December at the southern edge of China Town behind the historic Hua Lamphong station in Samosorn Rod-Fai. The market’s courtyard was surrounded by scenic building that was constructed over 100 years ago during the same time as the neoclassic train station in between 1910 – 1916. The surrounding of MBL market brought all guests to era of King Rama 5, where traditional Thai culture is coincides with classic western architectures. The construct this venue could remind you of Rose Bowl Flea Market in Los Angeles or Old Spitalfields Market in London.

Our effort to secure this location symbolizes the MBL’s philosophy to revisit cultures of our ancestors and cherish the beautiful details and crafts that no longer exist in modern days.

Photos courtesy of Touchavit Leetrakul (Mhee)

O_MBL006 O_MBL004 O_MBL003 O_MBL094 O_MBL092 O_MBL088 O_MBL086 O_MBL085 O_MBL082 O_MBL078 O_MBL073 O_MBL068 O_MBL061 O_MBL059 O_MBL057 O_MBL056 O_MBL055 O_MBL052 O_MBL048 O_MBL046 O_MBL043 O_MBL041 O_MBL034 O_MBL031 O_MBL029 O_MBL028 O_MBL027 O_MBL025 O_MBL015 O_MBL012

Photos courtesy of Touchavit Leetrakul (Mhee)

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