Final MBL 10 painting crop

Made By Legacy is a collective community of individuals who share great passions for all things vintage and new things arts and crafts, from what they use in everyday life to their attitude. This group of people comes from all walks of life, connected by their mutual interests and lifestyles.

MBL came up with an American-style flea market to serve as a social club or a community with its distinctive character. The event also serves as a commonplace for the free-spirited community to come to share their love for vintage items, fashion, lifestyle products, and design. These hobbies draw various like-minded individuals together, from Bangkok and beyond, Thai or foreign.

MBL aims to create a culture of living harmoniously with differences and respecting different opinions. It also strives to generate a discussion among the members, allowing them to exchange their views and better understand each other. More importantly, it aims to raise awareness about the glorious past, whether it is architecture or history. What makes MBL different is how it highlights moments in history and retells stories about vintage in an intriguing way, not just as objects.

Our current network is made up of over 300 collectors, members, and vendors, from all over Thailand as well as international associates. Seven years since its humble beginnings on a small rooftop, the Made By Legacy flea market has grown to become a highly anticipated event, drawing in over 15,000 attendants each time, many of who are well-known figures in the local creative and retail scenes, lifestyle influencers, artists from various disciplines, new-gen movers and shakers, Expats living in Bangkok as well as visiting tourists from all around the world.





Instagram: @madebylegacy (hashtag: #madebylegacy #fleamarket #MBL11)

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