It’s A Funked Up Food Festival.

1.2.3 March 2019 (Fri-Sun)

at Sermsuk Warehouse
(between Charoen Nakhon 13 & 15)


100 Baht Get One Drink (3pm til Midnight)

#MadFaceFoodWeek #NeverBeenSoHungry #changsensorytrails #chang

produced by Made By Legacy


BTS Saphan Taksin <-> Shuttle Boat at Exit No. 1

BTS Krung Thonburi <-> Free Shuttle at Exit No. 3

Google Map:

MAD FACE celebrates those uncontainable, extra-enthusiastic facial expressions we all make when savoring delicious food. Ecstatic eyes, nostrils flared, the mouth opens wide…followed by a combination of chomping, crunching, salivating, spilling, smearing, smacking, burping, breathing, heaving…It’s not pretty, it’s hungry—it’s never been so hungry.

MAD FACE is a community of food makers and food lovers united by a shared passion for cooking, drinking and of course, eating. Our MAD FACE members come from all walks of life and with diverse relationships to food: from professionals to pop-up peddlers to bloggers, geeks, and gastronomes to domestic goddesses, home cooks and supper club hosts. Their cooking backgrounds range from culinary school to handed-down family recipes to grandma-taught to self-taught. Whatever their story, they enjoy telling it on a plate. In short, we meet to eat and friendships are fostered through the breaking of bread, the melting of cheese, the slurping of sauce…you get the picture.

MAD FACE FOOD WEEK is an annual event that brings together Bangkok’s most interesting, innovative and frankly, MAD chefs and familiar names in the local F&B industry alongside foodies, followers, and fanatics. The 3-day gathering offers an alternative perspective on the local eating scene, one not driven by awards or even “the best” but rather by characters, community and a healthy dose of craziness. Chefs and vendors are encouraged to experiment, cook and create in a fun, freestyle manner, connecting with one another as well as their diners in a laid-back, open-air setting along the lazy Chao Praya River.

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