PC 2018 Flea Market New Cover

Event Title:        Flea Market at Princess’s Cup Thailand 2018

Location:           The Royal Horse Guard, Sanam Pao, Bangkok

Date & Time:     23 – 25 November 2561 (1pm – Midnight)


– This event opens to the public.

– Using BTS sky-train to ‘Sanam Pao’ station (Exit 2) is recommended.

– Admission is free and free parking is available.

For More Updates:

1) Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/Princesscup2018/
2) FB Event Page – https://www.facebook.com/events/166828860922261/

*Hashtagas: #princesscup2018 #madebylegacy #fleamarket



The Flea Market at Princess’s Cup Thailand 2018 is a collaborative event hosted by the Thailand Equestrian Federation and Made By Legacy, taking place on the weekend of November 23rd-25th at the King’s Guard, 2nd Calvary Division. The open-air bazaar, comprising over 80 shops and stalls, is set amidst the buzzing surrounds of equestrian competitions that bring together local and international riders from a dozen countries. Visitors can peruse through an eclectic mix of vintage wares, home furnishings and handcrafted design and fashion items or enjoy ample drinks and eats all the while encircled by lush green fields and idyllic stables—a rare opportunity to experience equestrian life in a truly unique setting, opened to the public for this special occasion.

Shopping aside, the market sees a slew of eateries, from food trucks to street vendors, cooking up all manner of delicious portable fare perfect for a picnic in the fields. Completing the atmosphere are live musical performances and DJ sets playing everything from jazz, soul and funk to disco tunes, beckoning grooves and dance moves well into the evening.

Open to visitors of all ages and with no entrance fee, the event is easily accessible via BTS skytrain (Sanam Pao station) with clearly marked signs that will lead you directly to the venue’s main entrance. Additionally, feel free to bring along your four-legged friends as the market is pet-friendly.



Contact for more information about the “Flea Market at Princess’s Cup Thailand 2018”

Sita (Mhai) – Mobile: 095-826-3288 / Email:contact@madebylegacy.com


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